Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

No chilly, frost nipping at my toes, snowflakes in the air days for me.

It is 88 degrees, but it feels like 101 with a humidity of 75%. Sweat dripping from all pores. Does that feel like the Christmas session to you? Not to me! Just eight days away is the snowy white Christmas of my imagination.

It is going to be a great one! My parents will arrive a week from today. In fact, I just sent my one last request, syrup!

But, there is more to Christmas this year for me. I read this great story about what your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering means to missionaries. I left my appendix in Bogota is a story in which I can relate.

I too, have spent the night in a hospital in a foreign country. And here recently, had a blood test to figure out what was wrong with me--Typhoid. All of these are possible through your giving. Thank you. Because of you I am healthy and have been on the field one year, 11 months and 10 days. For more resources or ideas to motivate you, your Sunday school class and church to give go to

Go check out the new West Africa Web site at The lastest Media Team project.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


All the new personnel in the region gathered in my fair city for a conference. I had two lovely young women stay with me in my posh apartment. (No, I didn't cook for them, that's why they are still alive and not sick and dying! The conference fed us all.)

During the day we sat through sessions about church planting, stress, supervisors, teammates and had worship times together.

One night we went bowling! The lane is from the '70's. No lying, the lanes were warped from the humidity, the wall was a pale lime green and all the balls were chipped.

But, about 50 white people had a blast.

Another night, we sat around after dinner and talked about relationships with our regional leader. It was interesting to hear how his wife and he met.

It was a great time spent with friends and learning how to be a better missionary.


No turkey, no football, no afternoon nap, no leaves falling from the trees, no family gathering, no parade.

Was it really Thanksgiving?

Well, 25 people who gathered to eat chicken, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie would say an enthusiastic - YES!

I had a blast making Indian and Pilgrim headdresses, eating way too much food and talking with friends who have become family.

Back to Niger

Almost a year ago, I tagged along on the first trip made by First Baptist Church Hurst, Texas to the Mehanna Road. This church has undertaken a huge task. They are responsible for planting Baptist churches in 48 village.

This year, I went on their fifth trip to visit the Songhai people and was completely amazed by what God is doing. There are already more than 10 believers with more than half of them baptized!

Photo by Justin V.

The cool thing for me was that I was able to go with a friend from college, who is an IMB photographer. It was a little like old times, except that we were in the desert, I was recovering from Tyfloid and Justin stressed about the Malaria meds! Thanks Justin for the pictures.

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