Friday, June 20, 2008

Paris -- Day Five


Column made of Cannons by Napoleon

Egyptian Column brought by Napoleon to Paris

Olya and I had a face mask and a manicure (a great way to end my time in Paris)
See you in the U.S. tomorrow!

Paris -- Day Four

The Louvre

The Mona Lisa

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paris -- Day Three

The Palace at Versailles

The Hall of Mirrors

Me at the rear of the Palace

Olya and I at Versailles

The funky bushes at Versailles

Look at what I found in the town of Versailles

The place to eat if you're a Lyautey

The only street worth walking down!

Paris -- Day two

The River Seine

View from Notre Dame

Gargoles overlooking River Seine

View from Notre Dame
Me in front of Notre Dame

The Gates to the High Court

Modern Art Museum

Garden at Lexingburg

Presidents work place (we took a nap here!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paris -- Day One

Statue of Liberty - France

Sacre Coeur - Sacred Heart Church

View of Paris from Church

Moulan Rouge
Arc de Triumph
Me touching the Effiel Tower

Eating sandwich in front of the Effiel Tower


Champs Elysees

Effiel Tower at night

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good-bye West Africa

I leave in a couple of hours to start my journey back to America.

It has been a wonderful 2 1/2 years working with West Africans, missionaries and volunteers. Though my time has come to an end -- I know I'll never forget it. I learned so much about myself, my ability to adapt to new surroundings, that I really do like media work, I can eventually get along with just about anyone, that what I believe about the Gospel transends cultures.

Those I'm leaving behind I will truly miss. Laura, Greg and Noah for feeding me. Mike, Heather, Karis and Caleb, for letting be the fifth member of their family. Randy and Kathy for treating me like one of their own. Mary Beth and Deron for being siblings, a great supervisor, and all the Gilmore Girls and Alias. To Emily for loving me when no one else would, for putting up with my wierdness and for teaching me about life.

Around the world good-bye party.