Thursday, September 13, 2007


Tonight marks the beginning of the Muslim holy month, Ramadan. For 30 days Muslims around the world will fast from sun up to sun down, breaking their fast in the evening with a large meal.

Many Muslims see the months of Ramadan as a time to be closer to Allah. Much of their faith is taken more seriously during this time. They try to be more devout followers of Allah.

So devout that they will not let any food, water or even spit go down their throat.

Many Muslim background believers tell us that it is during this time that God spoke to them through dreams and visions. Telling them His Truth!

I ask that you petition on behalf of those who celebrate this holy month, a little more than 50% of the population of West Africa, that God will send the dreams and visions of His Son and His saving grace.

Also, petition the behalf of those of us serving in Muslim populations, to be sensitive to God's movement and to give us the right words to convey His message.