Saturday, April 26, 2008

West Africa Scrapbook Kit

My sping project was challanging and exciting. And a blast to do! The West Africa Scrapbook Kit is something new. We have so many partnering churches, engaging churches, volunteers, and summer missionaries who never put down their camera while on the mission field. The media team thought a great way to promote West Africa and for them to display the greatness of West Africa was with this kit. I really did enjoy working on it.

I hope even if you haven't taken a trip to West Africa you can use this for Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and missions activities. All this so more will pray, give and go to West Africa!

If your interested in purchasing one for $4.00 go to

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Timbuktu and Typhoid

It’s a real place. And I tried to make it. It’s known for being hard to get to and trying to get there is half the reason of going.

At least I can say I tried.

Emily and I started our vacation by flying to Bamako, Mali. She came down with Malaria while we were on the plane. Me too. At least that’s what I thought I had.

We both took a treatment and Emily got better. Some of my symptoms went away. So, after two days of rest we rented a 4x4 and started our two day drive to Timbuktu.

Timbuktu is known for its trade routes, old mosques, Tuareg raiders, libraries and universities that used to rival Alexandria.

It is reported that before the late 1800’s no white man had ever made it out of Timbuktu alive! Present day is not that bad.

About an hour out of Severe (our half way stop), the chills, extremely high fever, extreme lower back pain, sore muscles and stiff joints overwhelmed me.

I knew right then I didn’t have Malaria. It…was…TYPHIOD! Again. Oh, why me!

We stayed the night at a great little guest house run by a Malian/American. Great guy. The night was long, hot and dry. I tossed and turned, when I got then energy to move at all. The next morning we went to the local doctor. Horrible little place, but great service.

I had some blood work done and they told me what I already knew and gave me some meds.

I slept the rest of the day as best as I could in the Sahara Desert.

The next day we started back to the capital city so I could recover.

Though we didn’t make it, we still have a great story. Maybe one day it’ll happen.

The brave travelers: (Erwin, Me, Olya, and Emily)

How do they make it?
Something I didn't get to see: