Monday, May 14, 2007

La saison des pluies!

Its rainy season!

It has rained twice today. It woke me up by it this morning, the thunder is intense. And As I am writing this I look up and out my window to watch the rain fall.

We had planned on spending the afternoon at the beach, but God had other things planned for today…

Let me start by saying one thing: if you aren’t ready for an answer don’t ask people to pray!

Remember in the last two updates I asked for prayer about my language skills, that I would learn and God would give me opportunities to use French.

Well, that is what God did.

I started French classes (for the second time) two weeks ago and am starting to work on phrases. So, this morning after class I decided to practice what I had been learning by telling one of our guards about church yesterday.

Here I am standing on the street corner with Sisa (a Muslim man) and I tell him about or study of John 9 and Jesus healing the blind man before the man believed in him. Our pastor related it to how we as Christians should help everyone, not just other Christians. He was talking about AIDS victims. (Our church is discussing doing AIDS outreach for the local community.)

Sisa asked, “What is the church doing? Just praying? I told him no, the church is going to hold clinics, give medicine, food, and pray for those with AIDS. Then Sisa asked, “What is better, praying or giving medicine?”

Let me tell you, this conversation out passed my French knowledge. So, he told me to look up the French words and get back to him. Well, I did and still had a hard time…so after talking with Emily and looking up some more words I will meet with him again this evening.

Motivation to continue learning French.

Thank the Lord for the rain and chances to share about Him. All the in same day!