Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Return from Senegal

Tonight I am headed to Togo for a week-long meeting with other IMB workers. It will be a great time to hear about what is going on in the region and meet new people.

Senegal was a wonderful experience. Our Father has taught me a lot about himself and myself and working with others.

I learned greetings in six languages, slept alone in a hut-other Americans about an hour away, rode a camel, ate goat brains, told someone about Jesus, drove about 1,000 km in three days, got dressed up in African clothing and prayed with a teenager going through persecution. Oh and how could I forget...slid down a clift.

The women of Africa have taught me to be cheerful and thankful for my life. They work long, hard hours in heat I can’t explain, always having a smile on their face or singing a song.

Water on MY HEAD!

I pulled water up from a deep well and then carried it on my head, chopped wood and then carried it on my head, pounded millet, cooked over a open fire and drank more ataya tea than I ever thought possible.

Thanks you for your prayers during my time in Senegal, I stayed in relatively good health and had safe travels.

Here are some things to remember.

-Persecution for those in Senegal. I sat with a 15 year-old girl as she cried about what to do- reject her faith and follow her grandmother and religious leaders of her village or believe and be kicked out of her home and village. It is real.

-Safe travels for more than 150 IMB workers to Togo today and tomorrow. For a productive week of meetings and training and safe travels back home.

-I have a one day turn around from Togo, to Cote d’Ivoire and then back to Senegal. Hope it happens!

-Right now there is unrest in Cote d’Ivoire. They young people have made life difficult for the last couple of days, protesting for disarmament and well a lot of things. We are safe and our Father is good.