Monday, March 26, 2007

Back in Africa

How you know you are back in Africa:
10. Starting to sweat as soon as the cabin door of the airplane is open.
9. At the airport, you are accosted by people wanting to push your luggage to your car for you.
8. Stopped at a military check-point as you enter your neighborhood on the way home from the airport.
7. Not being able to sleep because you lay awake listening to the sounds of the neighborhood (which you had missed the whole time in the states and had a hard time sleeping without)
6. How can you forget in two weeks how slow the internet is here? (and its faster in Abidjan than most places)
5. You take a bath after Bible study even though you took one earlier in the day, just too much sticky sweat.
4. You leave for church fifteen minutes after it was supposed to start and you are right on-time. (and its a fifteen minute drive)
3. Because you are the only native English speaker in your English Bible study they elect you to sing the group song for the Easter service. (AHHHH!)
2. At the end of the Bible study the teacher asks you to tell about your trip to the states and to give what you had brought back for the group. (you didn't realize gifts were expected so you give them blessings)

1. You go to buy butter at a little kiosk (small corner store) and ask for butter and are handed small individually rapped packets to equal a whole stick.
0. You go to make icing for a cake and find ants had gotten in the powdered sugar bag while you were gone. Not to mention cake mix that had been eaten by mice.

Dad and I went through all my stored boxes looking for music CD's to load on our new toys, MP3 players.

Things to cherish about the states:
· Entering an American grocery store and walking the isles looking at all the pre-cooked, just add water/milk packaged food. (ahhh sweat memories)
· Walking softly, not because of the mud, but because of the snow and ice.
· Putting something over my nose and mouth to protect them from the cold, not dust storms!
· Spending a whole day at church and being able to understand the sermon and praise songs.
· Eating fast food
· Having white lines on the road
· Drivers sticking between the white lines on the road and following traffic laws.
· Red lights that work and no policeman in the middle of the intersection directing traffic.
· Eating fast food

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Missions Conference

My reason for returning to the states before the end of my term was to attended a Missions Conference at my parents church.

I visited Sunday School classes talking about how they could become involved in overseas missions and worked a West Africa booth at an International Food fellowships.

The Awana's program invited me to speak to the kids about missions in Africa. They were great and it was a crazy hair day. Later, I met with the Missions Team to talk about how the church could pray for me.

Joy in the Morning is the women's Bible study and I got to talk to the women about what I do and what they could do for missions. Then I met with the church staff for lunch so they could learn about missions in West Africa.

I talked to the whole church during their service for about five minutes then raced upstairs to talk with the youth group. They were a great group and had lots of questions.

The Missions Conference was a great experience. The church is really excited about what God is doing all over the world and how they can be a part of it.

No Snow in Africa

I knew it was going to be cold leaving Africa and returning for two weeks to the States, but Snow?

Thanks to Centreville Baptist Church I a was able to experience SNOW in March! It is really cold here.

Aaron, my younger brother, and I got caught in a snow storm in Maryland. I do not miss snow storms...but the snow was pretty.

We got stuck in D.C. rush hour traffic, rain, ice and snow.

We had plans to go to New York City, but a friend called and said there was already 6 inches in New Jersey, so we turned around and went back home.

Luckily, we were in my dad's big truck and we had no problems.