Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The bush trip

This last weekend I visited a family that lives in central Kenya, about eight hours north of my city. Everyday was an adventure in the bush. The nearest paved road is about four hours away. The last morning I experienced something new, riding on a single propeller, four seat plane. This is the beauty of Kenya from the tiny plane.

what us expats call a bush plane, thanks for a great flight

the dry, central Kenya landscape
most of Kenya has not gotten enough rain for planting this season

Mt. Kenya, the highest point in Kenya

a waterfall in the mountains

Slums around Nairobi

Smog and pollution hoover over Nairobi

Landing at an airport for small aircraft.

Kenya is a vast country with many landscapes, from mountains to extreme valleys, huge citys to small villages, the rich to the poor, dry to wet. Hope you enjoyed my flight!