Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sedou's Wedding

Sedou, our night guard got married!

He went on vacation for two weeks last month and when he returned, he was married. His wife, Janaba had a wedding in Burkina Faso (the country Sedou is from north of Cote D’Ivoire) and came down by bus to live with Sedou.

(Emily and I with Sedou)

Janaba has lived in Abidjan her whole life, but returned to her family’s village in Burkina Faso for the wedding traditions.


Sedou invited Emily and I to attend the wedding party here in Abidjan last Sunday night. And I mean an ALL night party. (We opted to stay for about 5 hours.)

We arrived and were seated in the “living room,” then about 10 minutes later we were ushered into a back room that turned out to be Sedou and Janaba’s bedroom!

We sat with Janaba and she said, “Now is the time to wait.” So, wait we did. We chatted a little with her family and watched some TV. Then the wordrobe changes started. Janaba had about 10 different outfits to wear!

Then all the married women in her family came into the room and Emily and I got to experience some African culture. (I think this was the time all the married women picked on her and other stuff I won’t write!)

(me eating with all the women)

Food was served in the room and we again ate with our hands some rice and sauce, then Emily and I went with Sedou to the house of Janaba’s sister, Fatiatu. Fatiatu made us salad.

(Emily and I with Fatiatu)

Now this was really sweet and all, but she added liver and intestines as a meat topping!!!
We ate it anyway!

After this we went back to the party and watched as the women paraded from the house to the street where a big tent was set up for the dancing!

Only the women partook in this activity. The only bad thing was the video cameria that kept searching out Emily and I. We only did one jaunt around the tent and then said our good-byes to the bride and family to let them really party into the night!

Please pray for Sedou and his new wife Janaba. Sedou has helped us with our French and he is a trustworthy night guard. He has worked for the mission for about 8 years and is still a Muslim. He listens to Bible stories in his heart language, yet is still resistant to a relationship with Jesus.

Job's Baptism

One of my friend’s at church (he attends the English Bible study on Sunday nights) got baptized last Friday. So, he invited us to his baptism party at his family’s home.

Job is quite the character. He used to be a student at the university near the church, but in now in training to work in the film industry. We have only heard parts of his testimony and it is extreme. He was involved in some things during the war as a student, but is now a follower of Jesus and has turned to being involved with the things of God.


Emily and I were honored to be invited to his home for the party and excited that it was such a big deal for the family.

We arranged to drive some other friends from the study to Job’s home. Well, Job’s home is on the other side of town, by the other side of town I mean a good 45 min. drive.

We drove to our friend Olivier’s house to pick him up, then when to the church to get the guy who actually knew where Job’s house is (but he wasn’t there so Olivier walked two blocks away to find him) and then we went to pick up Glorious (she lives a little further away, but was still getting ready so we went into the apartment to greet her family).

Finally, we got on the road. Well, we got to Job’s neighborhood, but the guy who was supposed to know where to go, really didn’t know the turnoff! So, he called Job and Job met us on the street.

Job tried to climb into are tiny car (already full), but couldn’t fit in the front. So, Emily scrunched up with three African’s in the back seat! Fun times in Africa.

Or as Emily would say, “We had to call a guy, who had to find a guy, who had to call another guy to find Job!”

It was a great time of fellowship and worship with Job’s family. They were very welcoming and served us some great African food.

(Just a few of the guests, Me, Olivier, Ashil, Emily, Glorious,
another member of the church and some guys I don't know!)

(Me eating with my HANDS! Olivier eating with a fork, his was soupy)

(Emily and I with the women of Job's family)

Rejoice with us in Job’s baptism and pray for him in his life with Christ!

(Me, Job and Olivier)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


If you know anyone who might be willing to take some time to spend in missions in West Africa. Let them know about HandsOn.

We're looking for people age 18-29 to spend 4-5 months serving as missionaries in West Africa. Our goal is to recruit 20 people for next spring. That doesn't sound like a whole lot, but here's the catch -- people who want to come in January have to apply by Sept. 1.

There are a variety of positions -- sports, mechanics, university ministry, community development, ethnographic research, evangelism, discipleship -- even four positions to come serve on our media team! We're looking for a graphic designer, videographer, illustrator, and web developer.

Mary Beth, Emily and I developed the website, so take a look and pass it on.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My FUNNY Birthday

My Abidjan family did a good job of making my birthday a special day.

It started...

With a 6.30 a.m. knock on my door from Emily singing happy birthday and presents.

This is a toy Emily gave me that we put together right away on my bed, we think it is a flamingo. It is now the official office toy.

When I walked into my office, my friends had lovingly decorated it with signs, streamers and stuff for me to wear!

Then there was cheese cake. (Made from scratch by Mary Beth, my supervisor and friend.) All the regional leadership gathered in my small office to eat and talk about what they were doing when they were 24.

The day was not done.

In the afternoon the girls went Africa-Karting!

That’s me taking the turn and then passing Mary Beth! At the end, the French man who owned the place asked if we had funny! (not fun, but funny!)

We then went out to dinner where the whole crew sang Happy Birthday. It was a great and special day.

So, to all of you who sent special birthday wishes, a BIG THANK YOU! You also made me feel loved and special.

To see more pictures click here.

To add to the day, comment and let me know what you were doing at 24. So far, I have a lot to live up to!