Wednesday, January 17, 2007



So, here I am in northern Nigeria and literally freezing to death. I do not think I have been warm…well in a long time. Listen to me complain. Some of you guys are in blizzards as I write this. I am sitting in my bedroom at a guesthouse in Jos, Nigeria and the temp. inside is 65 degrees. I am under three huge blankets, in pants and wearing multiple layers! There are no heaters here and when it has gotten down to 39 degrees for a couple of nights in the last two weeks…you think you will never be warm again. Was it not to long ago I was complaining about being in 150 degree weather?!? It is great riding down the street seeing Nigerians wearing Parkas! Even in the greetings people with ask “How is the cold?” the answer is “It is time.” Meaning that it is not good, but there is nothing one can do about it!


I also went camping. That was crazy cold. We set up on a hill (Mistake number 1, the wind was like ice cutting through our bodies.) to show the Jes*s film. Emily and I shared a twin size air mattress (Most comfortable bed while in a village yet, but also mistake number 2, Emily and I did not both fit on it. She ended up on the ground with all the covers!) I forgot socks! (Mistake number 3, a wonderful volunteer shared an extra pair, HUGE blessing!) It was a great time getting to know some new workers and volunteers…but oh soooo cold. Like camping next to a lake in the dead of winter! What were we thinking?