Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Having Faith

I have asked you to pray for rain many times in the last couple of months. Well, that is because out here, rain dictates life. If it doesn’t rain, the crops don’t become big enough to feed the family until the next rainy season. Children starve, cattle die, and life becomes almost impossible to live well.

Many times, while visiting villages, I ask the village chief or elders what I can pray for their village. Their answer, “rain.”

In 1 Kings 18, Elijah prayed for the drought to end. He had faith God would answer his prayer and sent his servant to watch for God’s reply. Recently, I heard an amazing story of a young teenage missionary kid who had faith like Elijah and wrote a short story about his experience. Below is Jame’s story. Please take a moment to read it.

Having Faith
by: Jesse Lyautey
During the summer months, 16-year-old James helps his parent’s minister to the Bissa people. During one ministry event they took summer missionaries to work in a village in northern Ghana.

The group went from household to household praying for the Bissa people. James’ group went to one compound where there were some believers. But, one man said he could not become a Christian because it was his job to do ritualistic sacrifices.

The men asked James and his friends to pray for rain. The region really needed rain. They were heading into a drought. The group prayed and then left.

After they had continued for some time, James told his group he really felt like God wanted him to go back and tell the men that God has power over all things and that it was going to rain that very night. So, they went back to the household, told the men that it would rain, and left again.

James knew God was going to prove Him­self to the sacrifice man and to his whole compound that night. James knew he had done what God wanted him to do: return and declare God’s power.

But there weren’t any clouds in the sky.

James returned to the other summer mis­sionaries and told them what he had done. “Why did you do that?” they asked. “What if it doesn’t rain? You shouldn’t have said that.” James went from feeling great about following what the Lord wanted him to do, to having doubts and fears.

There were still no clouds anywhere.

Later that night there was still no rain. James and his mom, Kathy, went outside many times to pray for rain throughout the evening. James’ father, Jay, prayed faithfully. At 3 a.m., Jay went to look at the sky. Still no rain. Jay continued to pray for God to answer their prayers because of James’ faith that God will answer those who call on Him.

A little later, it started to drizzle, then rain. Finally, it down poured. James went outside and sang praises to God in the rain.

The next evening, the summer missionaries had a sharing time with James’ family. James shared about what God had shown him through this. He said God really showed him how careful we need to be with our words, not to tear down others faith, but to build them up and realize God can use anyone to tell His message.

Next time it rains remember James’ faith. Pray for God to deliver rain to those who need it and have faith that He will.

On a side note: This is my street when it rains (it has dried a little for this picture), river-front property.