Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The soccer match

Soccer is a big deal, at least here in South Africa. And it's an even bigger deal because the World Cup is coming here in 2010. Part of my job right now is to visit some of the cities with World Cup stadiums. While visiting we document the lives of the South Africans that live surrounding the stadiums. In the city of Rustenburg I actually got to go to a game. The Platinum Stars (the local team) played the Kaiser Chiefs. The Chiefs won. But hanging out with the fans was great. Such energy and zeal.

Me and fellow media worker, Stacie.

The Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace.
A community owned stadium, the only one in South Africa.

With our hosts, Lesley (left) and Mary (center).

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Anonymous said...

What a fun assignment. You just seemed to have all thisfun work stuff, unlike your dad and mine (actually uoiur dad's job seemed fun too, fishing with the boss (soon) all expense paid. I am jealous.