Saturday, September 12, 2009

The glass blowing

I, along with two friends of mine, Mary Beth and Lusy, went to a glass shop and got to make our own glass paperweights. It was a cute shop and a very community type outing. We all enjoyed the time out and being amongst other people. The picture above is a man showing us how to make the decorations and mold in which to pour the hot, melted glass.

a shot of the studio and show room. i tried to take a panorama...

My friend, Mary Beth before she gave birth,
putting in the finishing decorations on the melted glass.

Lucy concentrating on her work of art.

A glass blowing demonstration.

The actual blowing.

*taken by JAL with a Sony Ericsson camera phone

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Anonymous said...

Is the panorama "stitched" or "cropped" very wide angle photo?